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DumperDogg Dump Inserts

Turn Your Pickup Into a Dump Truck with DumperDogg Dump Inserts

DumperDogg® Inserts provide the power, versatility, and convenience of a dump body without the massive investment needed for a dedicated dump truck. If you're a landscaper or contractor looking for a surefire way to increase efficiency and improve productivity, a DumperDogg is the solution for you. With a max payload capacity of 6000 lb (up to 3 cubic yards, depending on model), these Doggs have the strength to tackle any dump body job. Haul mulch, gravel, and other bulk materials with ease and unload them with the push of a button - no more shoveling! A dump insert also enables your crew to clean up grass clippings, leaves, etc. in a fraction of the time. Add a DumperDogg dump insert to your pickup truck to get more jobs done in less time. DumperDoggs are the best dump insert for pickup trucks, including popular models like the Ford® F-250, RAM® 2500, and Chevy® Silverado 2500. Installation is quick and easy, taking around ~2 hours for most trucks.

Power & Reliability

A 3 HP Monarch™ motor connects to your pickup truck's electric to power the double-acting hydraulic scissor hoist. This lifts the DumperDogg to a 45° angle for optimal dump action.

Deck Out Your Dogg

If you already have a DumperDogg, it's time for some upgrades. Kit your dump insert out with a tarp kit, cab guard, and side wall extensions.

Year Round Versatility

Turn your DumperDogg into a full-featured salt spreader for the winter months with a SaltDogg® Replacement Tailgate Spreader.

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