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Common Misconceptions About Aluminum Trailers in Pennsylvania

When thinking about buying utility trailers, Pennsylvania residents should keep consider the benefits provided by aluminum trailers, whether they are new or used trailers. You never have to worry about rust, and they are lighter than steel. However, many people still believe the modern aluminum trailer is inferior to steel, but with today’s alloys and technology, most of these ideas are simply untrue. Here are some common misconceptions about aluminum which you should be aware of.

Steel Is Much Stronger Than Aluminum

Some aluminum alloys rival steel in strength and stress capacity. Even though steel may be stronger, aluminum is still strong enough to get the job done.

Aluminum Is Too Light for Trailers

Pure aluminum is much lighter than steel. However, today’s aluminum alloy trailers can weigh only from ten to fifteen percent less than steel. This may increase your gas mileage and make it easier on your towing vehicle.

You Cannot Weld Aluminum

Although some alloys are not easy to weld (like 7075), many aluminum utility trailers are made with 6061 T6. It can be easily welded if you know what you are doing.

Rigid Steel Is Better than Aluminum

Since aluminum is more flexible, it is less likely to crack under stress. It holds its shape better because steel remains in one position once bent.

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